Spider Photos


UPDATE: Yes this is a Zoropsis spinimana and there are links about it here and here and here.


For some reason, the Sunnyvale Orchard generates monsterous spiders. I hate spiders, and dwelling in a locale with nuclear-genetic-mutated monster-arachnids is not fun. These things (called "banana spiders" for some unknown reason) are huge! Huge by NorCal standards, anyway--with bodies that are sometimes an inch in length (that's bodies...add another inch or two for legs!). The things move fast, too! Oh, and they are hard to squish, resistant to poison and have big fangs. Talk about heeby-jeebies.

Take a look below. I braved life-and-limb to bring first-hand photos to you. Bloody thing has all these eyes and big fat legs and fangs. It was still alive (and quite stuck) as I took these pictures.