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  • My LinkedIn profile.
  • Mobius Photonics, Inc. Commercial High Power UV/Green/IR Fiber Lasers, and I was a founder. Mobius was acquired by IPG Photonics in March of 2013.
  • Nov 30th, 2005: Cross Pollination & Design (video link) for Stanford's ee380.
    Note: the video link requires Windows Media Player....sorry

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Code Links

  • programming in cocoa....O'Reilly's sweet tutorials
  • Python....(a simple to learn, x-platform, object oriented interactive interpretive language)
  • NodeBox. Super easy Python graphics on the mac. Gotta love boids!
  • My github site (arduino code, etc)

Graphical Stuff

  • icon factory....(icons for your desktop)
  • is what it says it is)
  • Zazzle...(great for small-run t-shirt orders or poster sized prints)
  • VistaPrint...(quality business cards at a good price).
  • Maverick Labels...(great short run label maker for professional custom labels)


Apple / Unix stuff

Favorite Vendors

  • Digikey....(electronics, electronics, electronics)
  • Mouser....(more analog than digikey, not as much SMT as digikey)
  • McMaster...(the mechanical yin to digikey's electronics yang)
  • Miller Welding...(oh, I want the plasma cutter, the tig welder and more and more)
  • Misumi ... (good source for custom mechanical parts)
  • FormLabs...(makers of the awesome Form2 3D printer)

Interior Design Type Stuff

Electronics, Hobbyist, Robotics