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My github page where I share some of the libraries I've worked on.

What can I say? I'm a geek, thru & thru and I occasionally like to hack around a little. I'm also currently "acting VP of Worldwide IP" for Mobius Photonics <jk>. Seriously... I was actually a CS major back in the day (pre-Product Design). None of these projects/solutions are "professional" but they may just help you out a little.

I have found Mac OS X to be a wonderful environment for the amateur (hobbyist) coder. After all, not only do you have a command line interface (python, ruby, and more included) and the power of UNIX and scripting, you also get a powerful GUI development environment (XCode) for free. If that's not enough, there's a whole slew of open source code and helpful coders out there willing to lend a hand.

10/2006 - 3/2008

ioah2ical (Includes iCal schedules!) (No longer supported as of 9/2008 due to updated scheduling system)

Python + BeautifulSoup is a fun fun set of tools for web scraping and file creation. Check out this project -- includes an iCal class, a python script for zipping a directory and other little goodies!

November, 2006

Setting Up a Mac Mini Workgroup Server

How to Set Up a Samba/openVPN/CUPS enabled workgroup computer on OS X. Step By Step.

I'm about halfway through writing a step-by-step tutorial for us amateurs on setting up a serious server scalable for any small office.

March, 2008

Python and Objective-C : Crossing the Bridge in BOTH directions!

Working with Python and dusting off Objective-C (XCode on Leopard), I struggled with understanding the bridge. Here is what i found.