Other Design Projects

A chair painted by a group for my sister's classroom all the way to an LED night light with high tech gas valve switches. These designs emcompass cross-pollination -- from woodworking to electronics, painting to coding.

2001 - 2008

Sharks Helmet

GameWear like none other. Go Sharks!

Sharks Helmet

January, 2003

Storytime Chair

Inspirational reading chair for a grade school classroom. Multiple contributors and extraordinary results!!!

December, 2001

The Rook

A completely functional 14" tall jewelry holder modeled after a chess piece with independently rotating shelves.

January, 2001

Copper Lamp

A 2-headed bed lamp with long-lasting white LEDs and two custom gas-valve switches. The lamp is still seeing everyday use as of 2008!

March, 2000

A Little Piece Of Chaos (aka Steph's Sign)

A fun LED sign demonstrating whimsical choatic behavior.

Januuary, 2000

SF532 + CO2 (aka Cinderella Lightpost)

A sculpture for attracting attention to a OEM SSL company's tradeshow booth.

April, 2020

Shake Table mk3

Shake table design (Open Source Hardware) for elementary school STEAM classes.