Sharks Helmet For Douglas



(R1: 2001)(R2: 2002)(R3:2005)

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Mountain View, CA


construction helmet, puck, fabric fin, copper, LEDs, stickers


R3 has chaotic blinking LEDs for goal celebration

Douglas wearing his (R3) Sharks Helmet at the 2008 Season Opener.

Douglas wearing his Sharks Helmet (R3) during opening night, 2008. Thanks to jzazzi


Revision 1 (R1) & Revision 2 (R2) of the helmet were fairly short lived and were simply a construction helmet modified with a puck, a fin and some stickers. The brow of the helmet said "PUCK ME" in reflective letters. Sharks logos adorned all sides. While R1 had a stiff, molded plastic shark fin, this was soon realized to be a "mistake" and it was replaced with a more pliable fabric shark fin (hence the R2 designation). The R2 version finally met its demise when Johnathon Cheechoo scored a hatrack and Susi rand down to throw it on the ice. Not a peep since...


The Sharks Helmet R3 version (seen above) also includes a host of yellow blinky LEDs arranged to create a mobile piece of chaos. A battery pack is held internally for providing power (over a year of average home game use).

Controls: On the back is a full on / full off switch. On the left is a pushbutton for 30 seconds of goal celebration! A microcontroller (Atmel ATTiny similar to the Wedding Board Cribbage Peg) controls the time delay and pushbutton circuitry.

Sorry I don't have any more photos, but this is one of the many projects I simply have not documented all that well.

Susi dressed as Ricci for Halloween  wearing the Sharks Helmet R2

Susi dressed as Mike Ricci for halloween, wearing (R2) of the Sharks Helmet.