"Kashmir" totem



May, 2001

Current Owner


Current Location

Sunnyvale, CA


white oak, copper, acrylic


gloss enamel finish


Kashmir is a fluid totem with tribal elements. A single fluid line curves from the top to the very bottom. Multiple branches come and go with almost impossible delicacy.

At the very tip, a clear acrylic sphere is delicately held, bridging the tension with an almost weightless connection. Is the sphere being held, is it being crushed, or is it being balanced? Gazing at the sphere, the reflection of Kashmir is seen as if it was far below. An additional sphere is suspended, almost contained with the flowing lines of the sculpture.

To accentuate the stark nature of Kashmir's gloss black finish, the base is made from mirrorred acrylic. The full size reflection at the base contrasts the far away reflection found in the top sphere.