"Midnight" totem



December, 2001

Current Owner


Current Location

San Jose, CA


pecan, mirrored acrylic, copper


polished crystal coat


Midnight is another favorite child of mine. While some see a bat taking flight, I see a beautiful interplay between the startling wood grain and the agressive form. In fact, prior to starting Midnight, a significant amount of time was spent studying the wood and discovering a form that would accentuate the wonderful grain.

Midnight's pecan wood was absolutely wondeful to work with. The wood cut cleanly, without tearing, and is capable of holding a thin crisp form. During the finishing work, I was delighted to discover how translucent the thin features at the very top became. Even more exciting, when backlit by sunlight in a window, Midnight almost seems to glow throughout. Best of all, nothing beats working on a wood that smells like pecan pie as you cut it.