"Thunderbird" totem



Mid, 2000

Current Owner

The Lonharts

Current Location

Casa de Calvin


solid oak, copper, steel


red mahogony stain, black enamel


Thunderbird, another favorite, was difficult to part with. The graceful form retains a hint of tension at the tip and entry point for the eye. As the form travels down it splits and recombines and mockingly almost splits into three sections. Thunderbird also showcased a new totem mounting solution. This solution enabled Thunderbird to be mounted outdoors without fear of wood rot. At the same time, with the gloss black enamel finish, this solution is also appropriate (and weighty enough) for indoor locations.

Thunderbird was a surprise gift. We were house sitting at the time and when the wonderful family came back they got the surprise of a new addition to their family located outside amongst their garden.