Windchime #2



Early 2007

Current Owner


Current Location

Mountain View, CA


polished 1" copper tubing, black ABS, fishing line, steel


clear varathane


This was my second attempt at a windchime. This time, I used larger diameter copper pipe (1 inch) and tuned it to a more classic pentatonic scale with 4 chimes


The feather and striker selection also drove the top plate. In this case, I went for a black abs with a slotted pattern. In layman's terms, I found some plastic drain grates and modified them accordingly. I liked the way the black contrasted the bright "red" of the copper. The slots also make the feather design a little more alluring.

This time around, I mounted each chime at an antinode for maximal resonance and tone purity. Additionally, I located the striker at the antinode of each chime (the chimes are therefore no longer "top justified" like in Windchime #1).

Once again, as for tuning, and node/antinode calculations, striker size, feather distance, top plate size, how to hang the chimes... we'll cover more on that later.

Construction Notes

This time, I took great care in cleaning the copper (water/IPA several times) after polishing. I also made sure the copper was completely dry and free of finger oils and as close to room temperature as possible. Only then did I apply numerous light coats of varathane to build up a good protective layer. The effort paid off, as these chimes (which see more sun than #1) have survived the elements quite well.

Winchime #2 Full View

Windchime #2 Top Plate
Windchime #2 Striker Detail