Windchime #3



Mid 2007

Current Owner


Current Location

Saratoga, CA


Glass Tubing, aluminum, fishing line




After completing my 2nd windchime, and while working on #4, Tom from Veco became interested in the whole windchime thing. He had gotten ahold of some glass tubing (and had heard me discussing wanting to make an all-glass transparent windchime with excellent tonal quality) and wanted some help in designing and tuning the windchime. Possessing the capability for cutting/drilling and fabricating glass, Tom was able to put together a beautiful windchime for which I can take "significant consulting" credit.


The feather and striker selection are both made from cut glass plate. The glass tubing has holes cut through it using a high temperature torch (which also radiuses the edges so as not to cut the supporting lines0. The top plates is made from a simple piece of machined aluminum. In the picture, you can see the measured striker lines in permanent marker (nodal positions).

The tuning was done using my windchime tuning spreadsheet (cleaned up and available soon enough). This helped Tom make a minimum number of cuts to get the glass tubes to the correct length.

Windchime #3Winchime #2 Full View