Red's Projects


Maybe "Code" isn't the right word, but what else do you call a python hack and a guide to setting up a MacMini Server?

Cribbage Boards

The game of cribbage has a long history of stunning hand crafted boards. I grew up in a family (clan) of cribbage players and delight in game myself. The cribbage boards I have designed span the range of purely practical to over-the-top conceptual. On the conceptual end, I delight in re-thinking how it is that cribbage is counted and the path that is traveled on the way towards victory.

Cutting Boards

What better way to utilize bits and pieces of scrap exotic hardwood? I have found a way to laminate together a cutting board of dissimilar woods so that it will NOT split! Check it out.


From a hacked TiVo remote to Blinky Shoes for Adults..... if something ain't right for you MODIFY IT!

Logo Design Work

I love moonlighting as a graphic designer and have had the opportunity to design several nifty logos.

Other Designs

Design projects involved single frequency green lasers, an LED night light with copper fixtures. These design projects don't fit in any of the other categories and find their way here.


Pronunciation: 'tO-t&m.......Etymology: Ojibwa his totem.....2 : something that serves as an emblem or revered symbol

More than just wooden sculptures, each totem has its own language and logic. Each totem is a haiku, a poem or a complex song. Each totem is a study in form or forms, whether they be tribal, sensual or simply playful. As every piece of wood is unique, each totem is designed, formed and finished to bring out the woods very own personality and beauty.


Part of the fun of moonlighting as a graphic designer is creating t-shirts. Fun fun fun!!

Wind Chimes

I've completed several windchimes to date. All of them hand-tuned to "perfection".