Wind Chimes

I've been working on wind chimes, and have started to figure out a few things about home-made construction.

I'm working on a "How To" document for consturction your own set of windchimes. This will include step by step photos as well as a spreadsheet to assist in tuning and node finding.

Late 2006

Windchime #1

My first windchime. Tuned to perfection (dominant 7th) but with a few construction oddities.

Windchime#1 Thumbnail
Early 2007

Windchime #2

My second windchime. Tuned to a classic pentatonic scale.

Windchime #2 Thumbnail
Mid 2007

Windchime #3

Glass windchimes! Not entirely my construction, but I'll take credit for the concept, tuning and design assistance.

All glass Windchime #3

May, 2008

Windchime #5

Flame polished copper to up the ante!

Windchime #5 thumbnail