"Protector" totem



April, 2005

Current Owner

Jena Y.

Current Location

Santa Cruz, CA


Coffee tree wood (I think that's what it is, anyway), acrylic, enamel


danish oil finish, Hut Crystal Coat Shellac. flame polish (acrylic)


Empowered with the ability to scare away the dreaded Closet Monster (and some Hockey Injuries), Protector looms a menacing 14" tall. The sharp buzzsaw spikes and jagged exterior protect the swirling knot at its center. Protector's general form and various notches and protrustions interact and enhance the pronounced figure of the wood. The wood has been finished to a smooth sheen. In fact, fiber remnants of the hand-buffing process are still visible in some of the photos on this page.

Protector's base is a 4-layer baked enamel finish with red, blue, black and silver hues. The paint layer is on the underside of the acrylic and has depth and visual texture.

Click here to see a picture of Protector at its new home.